Your safety is paramount and more information can be found in our ‘Safety Code’ which can either be downloaded via the web site or found in the Gig Shed.

Rowing is a physically demanding sport and before starting rowing, potential members should seek advice from their GP if they have any doubts about their fitness and particularly if they have:

  • Any medical condition requiring regular or periodic treatment (i.e epilepsy, asthma etc.).
  • Not been in the habit of exercising regularly.
  • Ever suffered from shortness of breath following mild exertion.
  • Suffered from loss of balance or dizziness on occasions.

Depending on the GP’s advice, rowing may not be an appropriate sport but more likely it will be a realistic option providing the club can meet any special needs identified by the GP. The individual can discuss the matter in confidence with the club’s Welfare Officer. The club will do all it can to get people safely on the water.

Swimming ability

When joining, members will be asked to confirm in writing that they can swim a minimum of 100 metres in light dress (T-shirt, tracksuit trousers and trainer shoes).

Any member unable to meet this requirement must inform the Membership Secretary and will be required to wear a lifejacket whenever afloat in a club boat. Additionally they must also ensure the coxswain is aware of their lack of swimming proficiency.


Rowing can be very physical and warm work. However, rowers should always bear in mind that the weather and other circumstances may change and that they may find themselves afloat for much longer than planned and not necessarily rowing. It is therefore every crewman’s responsibility to ensure that they are appropriately dressed when afloat and that they have with them adequate additional clothing to ensure they stay warm and dry if conditions change.


In the interests of personal safety afloat, wellies are not to be worn in club boats other than for embarking and disembarking. Once in the boat, wellies are to be changed for light flexible footwear more suitable for rowing and easily kicked off in the event of capsize.