Tamar & Tavy Gigs

Ginette, Tamar & Belinda O’Flynn

Our two traditional Pilot Gigs, Ginette, built in 2004 and Tamar 2008, were both built by Brian Nobbs.

Brian Nobbs - builder of our traditional pilot gigs

Brian Nobbs – builder of our traditional pilot gigs

Brian served a traditional apprenticeship as a shipwright in London shipyards and during the 1980’s Brian, his wife Ginette and their young daughters moved to a smallholding close to the Devon and Cornwall border.

Built from narrow leaf (ideally) Cornish elm and inspected at least three times during their build by the Association Standards Officer, the modern gig is a speedy and seaworthy craft.

Gigs are all now constructed to the same specification. They are 32′ long by 4’10” across the beam. There are 8 seats (called “thwarts”) for the coxswain, six rowers and a “pilot in the bow”.

It had been an ambition, associated with his skills and great interest in gig racing, to return to his work roots and build traditional pilot gigs.

This ambition was realised in 2004, when the pilot gig “Ginette” was built and completed just in time for the World Pilot Gig Championships on the Isles of Scilly.

Our fibre glass training gig, Belinda O’Flynn was launched October 2010 thanks to the generosity of the ‘Belinda O’Flynn trust. She has enabled us to continue rowing throughout the winter whilst Ginette and Tamar are in dry storage.