What to Wear

  • Wellies are suitable for launching but must never be worn in the Gig
  • Remember to bring a water bottle
  • Gloves – some do, some don’t – your choice!
  • Trainers – to row in


In the winter it can get very cold, and you will need to wear layers of light clothing rather than a big padded jacket as this will get in the way.

Ideally a long sleeved thermal base layer (as worn by climbers and walkers) under 1 or 2 t-shirts with a sweatshirt and light waterproof

on top will give you the protection you need from the weather.

Stretchy leggings, of the type used by runners or cyclists are ideal.

We DO go out when it is raining, snowing and freezing, the only weather conditions that keep us off the water are fog and strong winds.

A hat is also desirable as your ears can get cold.

A change of warm clothes


In the summer, leggings, shorts and t-shirts designed for running, cycling or rowing are suitable.

Sun cream, sunglasses and baseball caps are required on most days as the sunlight is reflected off the water even when it’s cloudy.

Old trainers/crocks are suitable to enter the boats from the water.

You should bring a change of clothes and towel in case of a heavy downpour of rain.

Club Kit

When representing the club at regattas we try to wear club colours.

If there are a few people requiring kit, it helps to get together and order it as it will be cheaper. Just ask Sue P if you wish to order any kit.

Please note that it can take several weeks for delivery so please place your order in plenty of time.