Bosun’s Corner

Welcome to Bosun’s Corner one and all!

Firstly, many thanks to all the unsung heroes of the club who have been quietly working away to keep our boats and associated kit in good order for us all to enjoy our sport – you know who you are but I need to know who you are to so please make yourself known to me.

For those of you who don’t know me I am Becky Masters your new Bosun.

Now I’m not the fountain of all knowledge on gigs, oars and other equipment but I do know some excellent chaps who are. I am taking on this role primarily as the point of contact and then as a sort of manager. So if you find a problem or area of concern with any of our three gigs or the pins, oars, trailers or radios, please report it to your captains then they can let me know via email which they already have.

Any complaints, please address them to me, and in the same way; also any constructive feedback is most welcome as are ideas and any notes of praise now and again are always good to!

Emoji BOSUN’s Deck Crew are –

BOAT BUILDER – Brian Nobbs

GIGS & PINS – Martin Painter

OARS – Becky Masters

RADIO’s (to keep them fully charged and functional) – John Rogers

TRAILER’s – Mark Turner

All panic bucket and life-jacket issues/concerns should be addressed to Simon Howes the safety officer.

Please scroll down for regular updates, advice and all you need to know about our kit. The most recent news is at the top.


12th January 2016

Firstly, Happy New Year one and all!

Secondly, a quick thank you to John Rogers acting in my absence as Bosun and to Martin Painter and all those who’ve helped to prepare and get ready, Tamar (especially) for the up and coming season.  The bosun is back in a limited capacity but things will hopefully improve as the year moves forward – who knows I might even be seen rowing with an oar rather than painting it!

Anyway, as submitted to the combined committee meeting on 12 January a few points to keep you updated:-

29 December 2015 – placed an order for the new set of seats.  I’ve been assured they will be ready for IOS.

09 January 2016 – Tamar has now returned to the Jam Factory.  Few minor jobs to do and reassemble her bottom boards etc.  All is in process.

– Ginette is ready but I’m content to leave her where she is in the dry, until required either for the Falmouth event or in anticipation for the 3 Rivers try out of IOS crews.

OARS – I am aware that they do need some blade attention but this will have to wait until it’s a bit warmer and I am further on in my recovery.

TRAILERS – Are due for servicing middle Feb. beginning of March so they are all ready for the season to and the trip to IOS.

BOSUN – The position of bosun has been changed to a more supervisory role during my tenure and whilst I am happy to carry on at the moment it would be good to see another club member take it over in the future. I’d like to suggest that before the AGM comes up if anyone is interested in the job, I am happy to have a chat and pass it on.

Lastly, please keep an eye out for emails and postings when help is required in this area.  The club is smaller in number so it really can be, all hands to the pumps!

Thanks everybody for the support over the past year and here’s to a successful and enjoyable 2016 season.

Becky Masters



14th July

Apologies fellow rowers, been a bit of a while since my last update but here goes! 

Please be aware that the yellow oars (and then the green ones) are being taken out of commission due to their poor condition at the moment.

This condition is due to a lack of care when they are in use.  It is quite obvious that they have been in contact with more than air and water!

 Can I remind all members that it is our collective responsibility to look after ALL our kit, not just the oars.

Coxswains – please make sure that oars are used correctly throughout the session and enforce this if you have to.  Session organisers and Captains cannot always be present.

Hopefully, as only the blades are being attended to, both sets of oars will not be out of circulation for too long.

May I also take this opportunity to remind you that green and yellow oars are ladies oars and the red and blue oars are mens oars.  

Depending upon the make up of the social rowing crews and mixed crews generally, any set can be used.  The white oars (although not used much) are available as an alternative option if needed.  Juniors will favour the ladies oars.

Other concerns – the slip way at Weir Quay is also in poor condition and coxswains must be mindful of this.  The impact on how the gigs enter and leave the water and the use of the trolleys is of major impact at the moment.  More care and more attention is needed.  If there is a change over of crews, the new crew must help the retiring crew – don’t leave your fellow rowers struggling.  If the weather is poor have more people around to help – make sure you have extra layers if you are the ones waiting to assist especially as the seasons change.

As it’s been a while since my last update I thought it would be simpler to put my latest report on here for you to read.  it was presented to the combined committee meeting last night.

One change since the meeting, the yellow oars will be going to Scotland for the Caledonian Canal trip.


  • MAJOR INCIDENT FORM – revisited. Slightly shorter but feel it should remain as is as at a major incident information is key as are prompts as to what is required.
  • MINOR INCIDENT FORM – is presented for the first time. Apologies for the delay. With both forms, two sided printing would be much appreciated to cut down paper usage and help with this would be appreciated.
  • BOSUN’s LOG – presented to the committee for the first time.  It should reside with the bosun but is open for viewing to anyone.  Wherever the current bosun is the log won’t be far away.  Also at the back of the book are useful contacts and information about the resources the Bosun is responsible for future reference.  The amount of use this book is getting is clear; it’s really useful for tracking jobs/repairs/ maintenance.  It is unreasonable to expect that any Bosun could carry all this in their head!
  • TROLLEYS – Have put out a couple of reminders in as many months regarding trolley usage.  Can I remind everyone that we need to keep on this as we have repaired the equivalent of 6 in a few months.  Please be aware.
  • GIG SHED – the big clean-up was a big success and generally speaking the standard is good.  Be aware of bits and pieces starting to creep in – box of kit for example resting on the concept 2’s – and could the floor be swept a little more often.  The cleaning crew do sweep once a week but more would be appreciated.
  • GINETTE – Large scratch sustained via manoeuvring other trailer o/c of trip to Rock yesterday.  She is decommissioned.  Wood exposed below the water line.  All captains and Martin informed. Martin assessing her this morning.
  • GINETTE – will be going to Scotland with Rob Dawe & team.  Green oars to and associated equipment.  All in process at the minute.  Gig to packed up on 22ndAugust before departure on 23rd August – return 30th August.
  • TAMAR – remedial paint work completed and should last until the end of the season.
  • BOF – have contacted the original boat builder Trevor Deakin and he is sending us the pigments (for free) to mix with the gel paint required to cover the scratches sustained at the recent social event (17/06/15).  BOF remains fully operational at the minute but will have to be decommissioned for this impending repair.  Have invited Trevor Deakin to the regatta as he hasn’tseen BOF in action and as a ‘thank you’. 
  • OARS – yellow oars disappearing tomorrow for remedial blade work and then O/C the green set.  Emails were sent out to raise awareness on the care and use of the oars.
  • TOW BAGS – Mark Turner (trailer man) asked to organise these.  They should accompany towed gigs on all journeys.  Action: IN PROCESS
  • WEBSITE UPDATE – Not been one for a while but on completion of this meeting one should be written and posted by the end of the week.
  • Q: Has anyone found a closer alternative for winter maintenance this year – a few options were mentioned a while ago but nothing has come through to the Bosun.  Just to remind you: Jam Factory is available as is Brian’s shed for TAMAR’s full repaint this year.
  • Thank you for moving the gigs about for the cleaning crew – much appreciated.

Many thanks to all the Bosun’s crew for their continued support and hard work and thank you fellow rowers for your for your consideration in these matters.  

Stay safe and here’s to some more good rowing!

May 22nd

It has been reported that on several occasions recently thole pins have not been used correctly in the gigs: being placed in the gig the wrong way round or same type of thole pins being put in both holes.

This is a serious safety issue.

If you are pulling against the soft pin, there is pretty good chance it will break especially in a race.

If you catch a crab with the pins the wrong way round, there is a much greater chance of you loosing your oar over the side and that means beers all-round for the rest of the crew.

Recently, and of greater concern was two hard pins together, and catching a crab. This happened, fortunately one of the hard pins broke but we may not be so lucky next time. There is a more than probable chance that neither pin will break which can cause severe damage to the gunwale of the gig = the gig being out of commission while repairs are carried out.

SOFT PIN.  =  Plain wood and is fitted in the thole pin hole towards the stern of the gig.

HARD PIN. =  RED top and is fitted in the thole pin hole towards the bow of the gig.

It is the responsibility of every session leader/coxswain AND crew member to ensure that all equipment is used correctly and that the gigs are properly prepared for sea.

Such poor preparation could have serious impact, damage to rowers, damage to gigs, decommissioning of equipment and possible non payment of an insurance claim.


Please be aware that one trolley is out of action as of today but hopefully Mike V will be down soon to work his magic and fix it!


Messages have been left for him and I’ll let the Captains know when the job is complete.

Please be careful when using the trolley’s – the wheels shouldn’t be getting stuck under the gig when turning and if you need a 360 point turn to get the gig round a corner, go for it but don’t wreck the trolleys.

Also, do not drop or bang the gigs down in to the rests on the trolleys that won’t do the nuts and bolts and the gigs themselves any good either.

Apologies one and all if this sounds like a drip session, but safety is paramount on and off the water.

12th May

Please be aware that the gig shed has now been cleaned and cleared out of rodent debris, unnecessary equipment and general detritus! It wasn’t pleasant but me, Mel, Martin and Simon completed the necessary works in a few hours. As much as possible all relevant equipment has been stored off the floor and that which is needed on a daily basis is clearly visible and easy to get to.

I sincerely hope that you can all see the merits of a clean and shipshape gig shed; one that we could invite anyone in to and that will make a very positive impact on any new members joining. Such an environment expresses competency, professionalism and pride in our club and our sport.

It is everyone’s responsibility to keep the shed to this standard.

The rodent issue (money is on rats/mice) is being dealt with by our landlord and fortunately they haven’t created too much damage. However, if you wish to sponsor a BBQ at any time, you will need to bring down your own utensils, aprons & gloves – most of it was wee’d on or gnawed. What’s left is in plastic boxes bottom wooden shelf right by the window. Above that is the Gazebo (minus poles?), exercise mat and life jacket bag.

All paperwork, incident file, tide timetables and any pens are all in the blue box –  bottom wooden shelf left.

White tub on middle shelf is a brilliantly sorted strap box – unless you are towing you don’t need to go in there! If you do use strapping for your feet in the gig – source your own and keep it with you as part of your personal gig kit.

Some things we’re not sure about:

Sound system – whose is it?  Do we really need it?  Does anyone use it? Can you let the Bosun know and then a decision will be made on whether to keep it or not. Answers please by the end of the month.

A yellow and white cool box with various useful bits of eating equipment inside – Is it ours?  Does it belong to anyone? Answers by the end of the month please.

Old Gazebo – anyone know where the poles are?  The cover is in the green bag on the shelving unit. Answers by the end of the month please.

Weights – unfortunately ratty & Co have had a bit of a field day so any that were cracked or damaged have been ditched; if they are not used then it would be nice to get rid of the rest of them. Answers by the end of the month please.

And so to the future care of this lovely shed;

NO rubbish, sweetie wrappers, old water bottles, tissues etc etc to be left in the shed and the now very accessible dustbin is to be used.

All personal items of kit should stay with the person they belong to.

A dustpan and brush (residing in the trophy cabinet) and small broom (beside the trophy cabinet) are also available for use.

Rubbish bags (residing in the trophy cabinet) – we have lots for both the dustbin and as covers for the ergo machines – use them!

Only the covered seats and oars to be on the oar wrack – nothing else on the floor or stored on the oars.

All oars to be placed on their colour coded parts of the rack.

Maintenance of this standard is key; we really don’t want to be clearing the shed out like this again.

Any problems, report them to the Bosun as soon as you can.

Many thanks one and all and enjoy your clutter free gig shed!


7th May

Welcome back to the IOS crews and well done for all your efforts!

GINETTE was delayed and should be coming home today! Thank you to John Rogers getting her.

TAMAR as far as I am aware will be returning on 23rd May as planned.

Pleased to report that all four trollies have been revamped with new wheels, nuts and bolts. I’d like to take this opportunity to thank Mike Vosper (TnT’s very own ‘trolley dolly’) for completing this very necessary work. Mike will be keeping an eye on them from now on.

Aqua packs to cover the radios were purchased and just in time for IOS – just as well! Thanks John Rogers. He’s currently sourcing a replacement radio battery for one of the radios but all three are functional as he’s replaced the faulty one with one of his own radio battery’s for the interim.

A minor incident form to be formulated. Draft of major one accepted. I’m still in process on this one but hope to have these ready as soon as is practically possible.

Be aware – we have undesirable lodgers in the gig shed at the moment. Email received 06 May 2015; Dave Clarke is being made aware and a cleaning party is being formed to clear out the shed w/o 11 May 2015. Reports are that there is ‘muck & twigs’ about so please bear this in mind when handling equipment. Handy wet wipes and hand cleanser might be a good shout at the moment.

These undesirables have also been nibbling bits and pieces. Hopefully not too much damage has been done.

Action to remove the little critters will be taken and that’s partly up to the owners discretion; traps/poison may be used – if found do not touch!

More info as and when – all captains and bosun’s crew informed.

25th March

GOOD NEWS! –  Pleased to report that TAMAR’s repair of the damage sustained at the 3 Rivers event is now complete and she will be back in action from this Thursday as expected.

ACCIDENT/INCIDENT FORMS – I found a red file with some incident/accident forms in this morning – it was a bit damp and the forms are a bit shabby, but until we get some more (the template for which if anyone has it could you forward it to me) can we use these.

They can be used for both reporting and recording damage and injury to rowers as well as THE GIGS & related equipment both are important; both could be used as evidence in an investigation or as part of any insurance claim.  Coxswain’s are expected to fill them out or whoever is in charge of the session unless of course they are the injured party then as long as someone is nominated a form should always be completed – so everyone should really know about this!  The red file is now on top of the trophy cabinet.

As an aside – a draft for a potential updated version has been forwarded for comment and then discussion at the next main committee meeting, so watch this space.

THE YARD –   I found some straps in the yard delicately folded and draped over the empty trailer, which I know have been left out for a week.  Can I please remind you ALL that any kit that is not essential or being used should be stowed away. Partly to keep our kit safe and partly because it exemplifies the professional way we should be conducting ourselves with our boats and our stuff.

Also, the gigs seem to be spreading themselves out a bit across the yard.  Whilst this might make it easy for us it could create an imposition on the owners when they are there – they have at least 2 cars to get parked.  Martin will be asking for help on Thursday to move the gigs a bit and make available more of the yard to the owners – please can you bear this in mind when you are stowing gigs on completion of sessions; a bit of courtesy would go a long way as we are only there by ‘kind permission of’.

WINTER MAINTENANCE VENUES –  this is on going – we need a suitable venue as Martin and I feel that Tamar will need a repaint over the winter 2015.  Somewhere, dry, warm(ish) and relatively clean would be lovely and a real help; so if you hear of anywhere (especially closer to WQ) or get any offers please let me know.

Many thanks as always!  Bosun

20th March 2015

Unfortunately there was some damage sustained along the starboard side of Tamar’s bow and her gunnel as a result of below standard mooring by the host club at the 3 Rivers Regatta.  This was assessed and work is being carried out to offset any future problems.  This has meant that:- 


The damage requires a little filling and then painting.  Action now will save problems down the line and ensure that Tamar looks half decent for IOS.

All your captains and the executive have been informed.  Apologies for any inconvenience caused to any of the training schedules.

Something else to be considered for the future:- if it hadn’t been for an opportune phone call to a member of the team who attended this event, evidence would suggest that the bosun may not have been informed about this damage as quickly as they should have been.  It may be the case that everyone thought someone else would have made a report but in the end no-one.    

This is not acceptable.  The bosun is responsible for the maintenance of all the gigs and their associated equipment so that it is all in full and safe working order – Ignorance would be no defence and whoever is in the role they must be able to rely on other members of the club to help them keep on top of all the work that is and becomes needed.  

The bosun is going to hopefully locate a stash of incident forms and make them accessible to all for just such incidents as well as those involving people of course.  The bosun will try to do this next week and if the forms are unsuccessfully located then a new system will be put in place.  

To keep things simple the coxswain of the gig involved should do the reporting; but if that is not possible someone from the crew should be detailed off to complete this essential admin as soon as is practically possible and as close to the event itself.

This time we are lucky in that we can make the repairs ourselves but there is always the possibility that damage might result in work being done at cost by the gig builder and an insurance claim having to be made.  

Other news:

Hopefully next week the yellow ladies oars will have their handles adapted; this has been delayed due to Andy Morton sustaining an injury that prevented form getting this done.  Martin will help facilitate this work to.  Many thanks to both.

The men’s captain and Andy will liaise reference the new blue oars to see if a similar adaptation is worth considering as some of the men are finding using the blue oars problematic.  Not using the blue oars is NOT an option. 

New mooring ropes have appeared on the gigs – please please make sure that after tying up alongside other gigs the correct end is disconnected and we aren’t seen to be giving gifts of rope to other clubs.

Research is being done into a second lightweight cover to replace the old heavy canvas one.  Christine Roberts and Rob Dawe are carrying out this.  Hopefully the quote will not be as expensive as the last one.  This is not set in stone and will have to be presented to the main committee for approval as funds are tight.

At this time no other issues/problems have been brought to the bosun’s attention so all would appear to be good at the moment.

…..and finally, a big thank you to Rob MS, Bruce & Martin who are making a real impact on the general cleanliness and presentation of the gigs.  They were thwarted a bit this week by the absence of electrical power but next week hope to make further impact on Belinda.  It makes such a difference and they very much appreciate continued removal of all rubbish and water bottles at the end of sessions by all rowers as well as the bungs out and covers on!  Well done one and all!

06 March 2015

A fare bit to get through so I won’t beat about the bush today but I hope all members are finding this corner of the club website interesting and of use – no feedback has been received thus far.

GIGS – Both Tamar & Ginette are back at WQ.  Ginette is fully operational and Tamar is getting a good hoover out today and a deep clean next week all being well.

There are areas of paintwork that need attention on both and it is appreciated that neither look completely at their best but please be assured that this is on the list to be done but we need good weather and warmth to be able to do this work.

Mooring lines for both will be arriving soon to comply with CPGA rules and regulations.

Event check list is still in process for attending regatta’s.

Remember that it is an all club responsibility looking after the gigs in all respects – general handling, rowing in them, transporting and racing in them – can all coxswains and captains actively encourage this care.

CLEANING CREW – The re-energised cleaning crew have begun their work with a good scrub out on BOF – she looks and smells so much better!  They’ll be deep cleaning Tamar next week all being well.

COVERS on Ginette and Tamar are to be used throughout the year to protect them from not only the wet but prolonged sun and heat (yes we get a few days like that – honest).  When it is really warm, the ends of the particularly the older and heavier style cover, can be folded back and left open.

When stowing the gigs please make sure that all rubbish, water bottles, pins and other equipment are removed, stowed away or ditched.

IOS – travel dates for the gigs – TAMAR goes 17/04/15 and returns 23/05/15

                                                        GINETTE goes 03/04/15 and returns 05/05/15

Simon Luke has volunteered to do all the transporting which is amazing; keep these dates in mind and look out for the shouts that should go out for help with this major evolution.

GIG KIT AT EVENTS – Also, a word about gig kit at events, please keep anything detachable and not required for the racing with the club base at events. We had various bits and pieces misappropriated last year and can take a bit of time to get them replaced – frenchmen; cover wires; to name but two.

IN PROCESS – Two more frenchmen are on order = 2 per gig is the aim.

YELLOW OAR HANDLES – Yellow oar handles are to be re-modelled for the ladies squad to make them more akin to the green oar set – Andy Morton has been contacted and he hopes to have this done before IOS.  Thank you ladies for your patience on this.

TAMAR STRETCHER MOVE – requested – a second set of stretchers may well have to be made to be able to have her accessible to the Junior squad, so Martin & myself will be assessing this with a visit to the juniors first Friday back after the winter break – 03/04/15.  This has been in consultation with the Acting Juniors Captain – Tricia Stewart.

TRAILER SERVICE – Second trailer service is due on Monday 09 March  – so both will have had electrics and full service prior to IOS as requested.  Emergency contact number will be going on the trailers next week some time.

OK Folks I think that that is it for the moment.  As always positive feedback is always welcome and any complaints can be actioned via the clubs complaints procedure.

Yours aye

BOSUN & Team


News, 4th March 2015

Well the racing and event season is now upon us and time for the Bosun to make a request.
Last year we had various bits of kit ‘misappropriated’ form our gigs; french-men and the cover wire to name but two.  This is really annoying and bits of kit like this is often not easily replaced.
The request is, that only the kit you need to take is taken to events and where possible, please keep it with members of the club on the shore with personal belongings.
It’s everyone’s responsibility so please make every effort to safeguard all our stuff!
If things do go missing, report it as soon as practically possible so that replacements can be sourced.
A fuller bosun’s update will be appearing soon.
News, 12th February 2015


TRAILER SERVICING – This has now been booked for THURSDAY 19th February @1100 (trailer in the yard) & MONDAY 9th March @1100 (trailer currently away with Tamar).  The rowing captain is the lead on these 2 evolutions.  If anyone would like to help her in this please liaise with her directly.

The new contact number should anything untoward occur with either trailer will be the current Chairman’s.

Laminated check list for events is still in process but due soon.

BLUE OARS  – used once so far and proven rough on rowers hands.  These have been looked, no major problems detected. Some light sanding done to the bevelled handle ends completed.  These are brand new oars and will take time to accumulate the ‘blood, sweat and tears’ of the other sets. They are slightly different to in shape to the red oar handles which may be having an impact.  See how you go with them; if the wear & tare on hands persists then other plans for the handles will have to be made. Please keep the Bosun informed on this. As they have now been colour coded these oars are ready for use againAt the main committee meeting it was agreed that their blades will be painted white, but that this will not be carried out until later in the season.




If anyone would like to give Simon Luke a hand on any of these dates, please liaise with him directly.  He’s volunteered to do all the trips to and from Penzance so a big thank you to him.

GIG CLEANING – The Wednesday gig cleaning crew are being resurrected.  Gig cleaning is not just about the ‘cleaning’ bit; it’s about getting a really good look at the gig’s and stopping small concerns becoming big issues and ongoing maintenance can be a fluid process. This will hopefully begin soon after Tamar & Ginette return and brings back to the club people of long standing and experience.  If anyone would like to volunteer to help with this important job let the Bosun know and your name (& a contact detail) will be forwarded to the lead person (once he has confirmed he’ll take this on).

The vacuum cleaner is currently at the Jam Factory but should be back soon in the next couple of weeks.

BOF – Is looking decidedly grubby at the minute but in the next couple of weeks or so should be looking a lot better – a volunteer has come forward to give her a scrub and TLC. The bung is causing concern as it has been over tightened in the past and despite washers etc being used this is still an issue.  A small bit of Vaseline around it before placement in to the fixing helps with this. Replacement for the bung is being sourced and will be carried out as soon as. In future, can her crews give her a once over and remove any grime and muck from her at the end of the session please.  Mucky boats do not reflect well or present a good impression of the club.

TAMAR – Is due back at the end of February.  She does have some painting to be done on her new knees especially and at time of writing this is being arranged.  Nothing else to report on her at this time.

GINETTE – The remedial Keel work is almost finished; one more coat of paint to go;  she has been cleaned of dust again and the Bosun anticipates a timely return.  Bottom boards etc to be put back.  Only essential work has been carried out as the environment she is being kept in is not great for touching up the coloured paint work.  This however is on the future list of things to be done so please bear with us.

GIG COVERS – Have been returned to the Bosun, so as soon as we need them they are available.  Thanks go to Christine & Bill Roberts for taking on the task of cleaning them and stowing them away over winter.

Finally, in trying to enhance communication (something that has pointed out that hasn’t been sufficient) these updates will be forwarded to your rowing captain & the squad captains and available from them.

To contact the Bosun by email please use the following – – all emails will be replied to but please allow a few days as life outside of the gig club can be very hectic.  It may be more useful on occasion to send any information via your captains so please consider this option.

As always, any constructive, positive feedback is always welcome & should anyone feel they wish to make a complaint the club has a clear & proven complaints procedure.

Many thanks,

Becky Masters

News, 4th January 2015

Happy New Year Everyone,
No 6 green oar has been returned.
The white oars are the last set to have any renovation attention and I would like to think that we could achieve this once the weather warms up a bit and the paint and varnish work has half a chance of drying properly.  Remedial tape work can be done prior to the juniors starting their season.  Watch this space.
The No 1 stretcher in BOF has been fixed and now that that one has had attention it may be that the other five should be replaced to.  An assessment and pricing up is going to take place and again watch this space.
Found the throw lines in a poor state of stowage today; they are to be stored correctly and not be on the floor with the rope escaping from their bags.  This is a piece of safety equipment and should be ready for use in the proper manner.
There are some tatty pins in the rectangular cream bucket that are to be assessed – some have big dents in them; others have splits; a second opinion is being sort in case I’ve been too hard in thinning them out.  Any that are ditched will be replaced like for like. 
Could any damaged pins or pins causing concern be put aside and reported; we’ll take a look at them prior to replacing them. Broken pins were always taken home by the person who broke it as a memento – just let me know when this occurs so that we don’t get too short of pins!
News, 8th December 2014
Tamar’s trailer has now had the electrical work completed on it – job done – thank you Mark Turner.
Green oars – assessed 04/12/14 – the result is:- some tapes have been tidied up and the spare green oar is now sporting an additional yellow tape as it can be used as a spare for both yellow and green sets of oars.
1 -5 + spare oar of the green set are back in commission and ready for use. 
No.6 oar will be back as soon as possible but needs, within a patch repair, four coats of varnish and a week for that patch to dry.  I’ll have it back as soon as I can.  Varnishing started today as it’s been with me a week and inside.
The edges of the blades are looking a little tatty already – every effort by coxes and rowers alike should be made to keep them in their current condition.  Regular assessment will be made and I’ll keep you posted.
Oars are strong but delicate bits of kit and need proper handling during transportation, the rowing session and their return to their storage wrack.  
Remember the blades should only ever be touched by air, water and a guiding hand!  
Coaches can help with rowing technique issues. 
Rowing on the wood is not acceptable.
Oars are to be PLACED in the gigs – DON’T drop them – avoid bouncing the edges of the blades on the thwarts and have them curve with the curve of the boat when in the horizontal.  
Don’t bunch them up down the centre of the gig, place the evens one side the odds the other for easy access by the rowers and minimal interference to other rowers.  This promotes quick placement between the pins ready for rowing.
When number 1 rower stows their oar so they can steady the gig on return to the slipway, put the handle down the gig first and gently with care of the blade in mind.
If oars are too awkward for you to lift get a fellow crew member to help you.  
Resist the temptation to lift 2 oars at a time it’s quite an unstable manoeuvre – one oar per person is quite adequate.
A list is has been put on the board in the shed, designating a set of oars to each squad.  This is only workable through the winter off season when only one gig is available, but in an attempt to bring care of the oars uppermost in your minds (coxes and rowers alike) please adhere to it for now, and any problems let your captains know and it can be reviewed at the an RSC meeting.
Also, coming soon, to a notice board near you in the gig shed – a copy of a soon to be produced laminated check list will be appearing for all those things you need to check out before attending events and transporting gigs and equipment.  I encourage all of you to read it and be familiar with what is required; you might be surprised at how much has to be considered – the rowing bit is the easy bit!
And finally, the radio that was water logged last week having fallen in to the bottom of the gig, has now been fixed and is back in the gig shed.  It is now not to be considered submersible anymore; it is labelled; could all coxswains attach radios to their person to avoid any further incidents of this nature – thank you John Rogers

News, 24th November 2014

Emoji GIGS – BOF is at WQ for use throughout the winter – the bung is a concern at the moment and will be looked at. Please check her cleanliness at the end of your rowing session. Be careful if you come across ice around the bung and in the bottom of the boat.

– TAMAR – is currently residing at Brian’s yard drying out prior to some knee replacements after Christmas and then some painting.

– GINETTE – is currently residing in the Moss’s barn down the road at WQ. She is also in need of some maintenance on some known splitting that is occurring but the main aim is again to get her dried out prior to the work.

The 2 covers – one is at a fellow rowers and has been cleaned, dried and stowed there for the winter. The other is drying out in my workshop (having been left in the open) and will also be cleaned when opportunity allows.

Both wooden gigs came out of the water four/five weeks later than usual and this has drastically cut down crucial drying out time – you can’t repair, maintain and paint wet boats! The bosun’s team has every intention of having Tamar & Ginette back ready for 3 rivers but if more time is needed for them to be sorted, then they will get it.

Both of these valuable gigs will be ready, willing and able for IOS and the rest of another successful season – their care has to come first! With that in mind these gigs will be off the water O/C of our club regatta which is currently planned for 10th October 2015.

Emoji PINS – These are under regular appraisal for numbers and condition. However, a bucket of pins standing in collected rain water was found recently by me – please make sure all equipment is stowed away on completion of your sessions!

Emoji OARS – Yellow, Green and now red sets have all been fully maintained (the red ones to return this coming weekend).

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE, oars are delicate bits of kit despite the job they do. Blades (the white bits) should be touched by nothing else than water and air and a caring, guiding hand. Treat them with the respect and care they deserve.

For IOS I would like to make sure that the sets being taken are tip top and looking impressive so after three rivers, don’t be surprised if the odd set disappears for a week or so for this blade work to be done.

Emoji TRAILERS – Ginette’s – the 6 prop version – is under Tamar at Brian’s at the moment whilst electrical work is being carried out on Tamar’s – the 8 prop version.


The gigs are slightly different in their supportive requirements, which if not paid attention to can impact on the gigs, making them warp and bend where they shouldn’t.

Emoji SPRING CLEANING OF THE GIG SHED – it’s looking untidy and tatty – clearing up as we go seems like a plan but perhaps we need to think about a deep clean when better weather arrives. What do you think? If it’s a goer then I’ll put a call out nearer the time.

I think that that is it for now. Volunteers will no doubt be sourced for different evolutions so thank you to all those who have come forward offering help for the future – the list is growing and all are welcome.

A final thought, this is a big responsibility and could go one of two ways, but with your help and support to both myself and the Bosun’s crew it could be great, so here’s to 2015.

Merry Christmas! Emoji

Becky Masters Emoji