Cox’s Corner

coxs-cornerWelcome to Cox’s Corner

Here Coxswains will find all the information they require for preparing a rowing session on the Tamar. For rows further afield, you can follow the links on any of the widgets below to get the info you need at that location.

Cox’s – Don’t Forget:  If you feel that the weather conditions or rowers ability are likely to make a session unsafe you have the full support of the Committee to cancel at any time.

Rowers must recognise their duty to the Cox and respond immediately to his/her instructions at all times, from the preparation to launch of the boat, to the time it is recovered and put away. It is also your responsibility to inform the Cox of any injuries/coughs/colds that may affect your ability to row.

Checklist of items packed or used in the Gig:

  • Bung
  • Cushions
  • Thole pins & spares
  • Lifejackets X 7
  • Safety bucket (inc working radio)
  • Oars
  • Throw line
  • Rudder & Yoke
bad trolley action

NOT like this!

The trolleys are for transporting and steering the Gig, please DON’T be tempted to pull. You will injure yourself and are likely to pull the trolley out from under the Gig.

Coxswain’s Terms

Ready to row – rowers forward to catch

Row away – start rowing

Easy oars – stop rowing

Hold water – all oars holding position to stop or hold the boat

Back water – paddle backwards

ship oars – bring the oars into the boat

The rating is the number of strokes per minute

The pressure is the amount of effort put in

Square blade is the correct position of the blade held to the water

Under squared will make the blade go deep (catch a crab)

Over squared will make the blade skip along the surface

Feathering is turning the blade to reduce wind resistance on the return stroke