Isles of Scilly World Pilot Gig Championships 2017

Can’t believe we’re here again – set and ready for the 2017 IOS World Pilot Gig Championships 2017! Follow the latest Tamar and Tavy news, updates and results from the Championships, broadcast live to you here:

Here are a few shots from this years IOS. Thanks to those who have sent some for us to include here, if anyone else has any they would like to share then please let Sarah know.

Well, we’re done! Fantastic rowing yesterday in really lumpy seas. Unfortunately the sun only put in an appearance fleetingly and we had some rain and a good bit of wind. But the conditions just added to the fun (unless you were in 1…!). The day started with the ladies heat 3. The A crew held […]

Great racing so far, although the weather has definitely put our skills to the test! The vets & supervets had a very lumpy row on Friday night with lots of wind and some rain to keep them on their toes. Both boats did brilliantly and had a great row despite the conditions – a good […]

Well, we’ve arrived! The sun was shining yesterday so those lucky enough to be here then had a bit of Scilly in the sun which was lovely. The campsite is taking shape, and is an absolutely beautiful spot. We might miss the convenience of the Garrison, but St Agnes is beautiful! The second contingent arrived […]